Completed Designs

Residential Garden - Surrey

Completed Designs

Residential Garden - Surrey

Completed Designs

Residential Garden - Bethnal Green
Residential Garden - South London

To this...

A number of shrubs were removed from the border but the majority of the established shrubs were retained and shaped to bring them into the new planting design.  New plants have been introduced including a range of perennials, such as Digitalis, Euphorbia, Anemone and Salvia, softened by Hakonchloa and Calamagrostis grasses.  For the shady sections under the trees, soft ferns have been planted and new shrubs have been introduced to eventually provide structure and screening.


To this...

An easy care garden with granite patio pavers laid towards the house and an Iroko deck installed at the rear.  A new lawn laid with perennial and shrub borders to the edges.  Wooden panels fixed to the walls to the rear and remaining fence panels painted to bring the whole design together with the house. Subtle lighting installed to allow the space to be used during the evenings.


From this...

A much loved family garden needed some colour and structure to the long border at the end of the garden.  South-West orientated, the border is mainly in dappled shade due to the surrounding mature trees.  A carefully selected planting palate was designed to obtain colour and interest throughout the year, as well as to withstand the odd frisby or two.  

Full View - PhotoShop.png

The Future

As the border evolves, the planting will mature and additional plants will be added to ensure that the border is full without it becoming congested.  Spring bulbs, such as snowdrops, bluebells and paper white daffodils will be planted in swathes throughout the border to bring it to life after the winter. The bright lime green of the euphorbia and the fresh blades of Hakonechloa will signal the end of spring, followed by early summer bursts of colour from Wegelia, followed by the Digitalis and the Salvia.  In late summer, the anemone will brighten the borders fading when the autumn leaves start to fall.  The Cornus shrubs will show their vibrant red stems which will be rivalled by the autumn display of the Bloodgood Acer.  In winter, Daphne and Camillia will bring much needed colour and intoxicating scent to the garden.


From this...

A long neglected, north facing walled garden which had become overgrown.  The new owners felt that the garden was dark and under utilised and decided to make a change.

To this...

Helping the client to draw up a design, a seating area with storage was introduced and a feature wall of glass and patterned tiles were used to bring a fresh new dimension to the garden.  

Stepping out from the kitchen directly onto a pathway, the pavers are surrounded by Ophiopogon japonicus 'Minor' to provide the look of grass without the maintenance of regular grass.  The pavers are flanked by two borders filled with a variety of Ferns, Hostas, Agapanthus, Hebe, Bergenia, Lysimachia, Salvia, Polygonatum, Acanthus and Panicum grass.  To the rear, scented plants encapsulate the seating area using Thymus and Lavandula. Carex grasses run along the back of the seating area and Passiflora is trained on wires across the upper wall.


The Future

The garden is work in progress.  Due to the challenges of creating a garden during the summer of 2020, plants have not been readily available and have needed to be ordered.  The outcome is that the planting has been a staggered process. 

The planting has taken really well (thanks to the client for preparing the borders in advance) and once all the planting is in place, it will be a joy to watch this garden evolve over time.

The landscape construction was expertly completed by World Land Design, London.  Plants were supplied by North Hill Nurseries, Surrey and Provdender Nurseries, Kent.  


From this...

An overgrown, poorly landscaped space. North facing so very little light received in the winter months.

The Planting Plan

Using VectorWorks Landmark, a planting plan was created to map out the locations of the plants within the borders.  


The plants are plotted using their eventual sizes so as not to overcrowd the border in later years when the plants have settled and grown to their full size.  Bulbs such as Allium have been planted in the gaps in between to bring colour and interest to the border in the late spring.

A full maintenance plan was created using the Shoot Gardening ( Garden Management system.  Each month, an e-mail is sent to the client to remind them on what action needs to be taken for each plant in the garden.  


Completed Designs

Following a complete renovation of this lovely home in South London, the garden was transformed from a dull, uninviting space into a highly stylish, contemporary garden.

The entertainment spaces were designed to be enveloped by planting, bringing a fresh and vibrant feel.  The planting is a mix of evergreen trees and shrubs, interspersed with perennials and grasses, transforming the garden into a cool lush place to enjoy time with friends or to spend time alone in quiet tranquility. 


Contractor: Worldlandesign

Planing: Francois Leaf Gardens


At night, the space is transformed into a party space with the clever use of outdoor lighting.

Uplighters softly light up the multi-stem tree and create clever shadow play on the cedar panels.  Over time, evergreen climbers will partially cover the panels which will continue to envelope the owners and their friends with lush green foliage and softly scented flowers.

Completed Designs

Residential Garden - Essex

This conceptual design is one section of an extensive design of the garden surrounding this family home in Essex.

The family are great entertainers so multifunction areas are key to allow both family and friends to enjoy the space and the views of the surrounding countryside.  

This section shows the conceptual design for the side garden. Entering into courtyard with borders running on each side, a covered spa area provides a space of relaxation.  Further down, a small kitchen and bar area will be created to entertain both friends and family.  Stepping down from the courtyard is a gravel garden with a water table.  This is overlooked by a seating are which overlooks both the side garden, the larger rear garden and the rural countryside beyond.  

Concept - Feb 21.jpg

Construction underway.  A courtyard is being created using plank pavers, bringing a strong contemporary feel to this space.  Three borders surround the courtyard which will be filled with a selection of architectural plants and trees to soften the hard landscape.   

To the right of the courtyard is a raised terrace which has been constructed with composite decking.  Situated within the terrace is a state of the art swim spa which will have a partially closed pergola, allowing the family to relax or keep up with their fitness regime, whatever the weather.

Almost completed is the patio and fire wall.  The concept design initially planned the a lower construction of the wall.  However, during the build it was decided to increase the height and clad the front in 3d tiles, bringing an interesting texture to the finished wall.  

The patio is raised up from the lawn and white rendered walls have been constructed to be used as planters, bringing foliage closer to the house but not obscuring the view beyond.

Oxford Lodge - Example.jpg

Concept to reality!  The gas fire is due to be commissioned and the light fittings attached.  


The rendered wall planters have been planted with sun loving plants in shades of purple and green, bringing scent and texture to this lovely patio.

A perfect spot for an evening with friends.

The Courtyard planting is now also complete.  

Two Catalpa bignoniodies bungeii providing height which will be balanced by the roof of the spa area opposite.  Grasses and lightly scented plants surround the courtyard softening the hard landscaping with colour pops of purple from the alliums and agapanthus. 

Looking forward to seeing the transformation in summer.

Trees supplied by Barcham.

Plants supplied by Clifton Nurseries and Premium Plants.