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Residential Garden - North London

Canonbury Place - Concept C Edit VIEW FR

This conceptual design is a revamp of the existing courtyard garden.  North facing, receiving very little direct sunlight due to the surrounding buildings, a low maintenance, green space is being created to allow the client to use the garden and space for entertainment and relaxation in the summer months.

The brief is to allow flexibility to enable the client to move plants and pots around the garden throughout the seasons to bring a different look and feel.

Residential Garden - Essex

This conceptual design is one section of an extensive design of the areas surrounding this family home in Essex.

The family are great entertainers so multifunction areas are key to allow both family and friends to enjoy the space and the views of the surrounding countryside.  

This section shows the conceptual design for the side garden. Entering into courtyard with borders running on each side, a covered spa area provides a space of relaxation.  Further down, a small kitchen and bar area will be created to entertain both friends and family.  Stepping down from the courtyard is a gravel garden with a water table.  This is overlooked by a seating are which overlooks both the side garden, the larger rear garden and the rural countryside beyond.  

Concept - Feb 21.jpg

Residential Garden - Surrey


This conceptual design is for the front garden of a residential home in Surrey.

The house is unusual in that the front garden is larger than the rear garden and has a gentle slope down towards the fence.  It is situated in a pedestrian cul-de-sac which has a thriving neighbourhood community.  The clients are very sociable and enjoy meeting with friends and neighbours for evening drinks in the front garden.  

The client wished to avoid straight lines and also wanted to retain the grassed area.  The design mirrors the curves of the bay windows of the lounge and brings a soft screening of the area using a variety of trees, shrubs and perennials.  

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