Designs Underway

Residential Garden - North London

Canonbury Place - Concept C Edit VIEW FR

This conceptual design is a revamp of the existing courtyard garden.  North facing, receiving very little direct sunlight due to the surrounding buildings, a low maintenance, green space is being created to allow the client to use the garden and space for entertainment and relaxation in the summer months.

The brief is to allow flexibility to enable the client to move plants and pots around the garden throughout the seasons to bring a different look and feel.

Residential Garden - Croydon

This conceptual design is for a rear garden of a residential home in Croydon.

This is a family garden and it has multiple requirements - the priority was to include space for play.  To the rear of the garden, a space for toys and trampolines is hidden from the rest of the garden.  The garden is South facing so the upper terrace gets very hot in the summer.  A shady lower seating area has been created with the addition of a fire bowl, great for telling stories and toasting marshmallows on chilly summer evenings.

The design is still in the early stages but it is very exciting exploring the possibilities for this lovely family.

View from the Terrace.png

Residential Garden - East London

Morgan Street - V5 - View from Kitchen :

This conceptual design is for a rear garden of a residential home in East London.

After years of the garden being used by the family as a play area, the time has come to change the garden into an adult zone with areas for socialising and relaxing rather than play.

The idea will be to push the lower ground back to allow for a dining area to be created.  The steps lead to a curved pathway with leads to a circular lawn enclosed by perennial borders, full of sun loving plants and some trees to provide height and structure. To the rear, a secret lounge area with a fire pit will provide a perfect space away from the hustle and bustle of the house.

The design is nearing completion and will hopefully be moving to the construction phase in the next month or so.