Designs Underway

Residential Garden - Beckenham

This conceptual design is for a rear garden of a residential home in Beckenham.

This is a family garden and it has multiple requirements - the priority was to include space for play.  To the rear of the garden, a space for toys and trampolines is hidden from the rest of the garden.  The garden is South facing so the upper terrace gets very hot in the summer.  A shady lower seating area has been created with the addition of a fire bowl, great for telling stories and toasting marshmallows on chilly summer evenings.

View from the Terrace.png


The existing brick pergola and storage units will be removed to make space for a designated play area.  


A lower paved terrace will be created in front of the play area and will be screened by planting which will also wrap around the seating area, creating a cool place to spend hot summer afternoons.


The site being cleared ready to create the play area. 

Once the ground has been cleared of debris and levelled, a permeable sheet will be laid and covered in play bark to protect the kids while they play.  

The area will also allow the kids to create their own den, the perfect hideaway from their parents!



Prep underway for the lower paved terrace. 

Using dark grey granite plank pavers from London Stone, the pavers will be laid in a stretcher bond format with dark grey grouting.


Pavers being set - the contrast in colour of the pavers changes on whether it is wet or dry.  

Oakhill Road - Garden Room II.jpg

The Future....

Once the kids tire of the play area and the trampoline is no longer in use, the idea will be for the area to be converted into an adult play zone - either using a covered pergola or by installing a garden room.

Residential Garden - North London

Canonbury Place - Concept C Edit VIEW FR

This conceptual design is a revamp of the existing courtyard garden.  North facing, receiving very little direct sunlight due to the surrounding buildings, a low maintenance, green space is being created to allow the client to use the garden and space for entertainment and relaxation in the summer months.

The brief is to allow flexibility to enable the client to move plants and pots around the garden throughout the seasons to bring a different look and feel.


The courtyard was laid with a wooden decking which had started to deteriorate and was becoming a dangerous to walk on.

The wooden beam had also started to rot and the jasmine had become old and overgrown.  

The external challenge was set by the neighbour who had requested that no planting or attachments were to be made to their fence.  



With help from, work began on transforming the courtyard garden.

The layout of the courtyard was to remain the same as the client wished to retain the openness of the space.  However, the beds at the rear were to be raised to bring the planting in line with the pavers.  

A small step was also to be included, allowing easier access to the rear gate.


Hardcore being laid prior to the pavers being set down.



Using porcelain pavers, the space is given a new lease of life, bringing light to this north facing courtyard garden.

Work will now continue to raise the planting beds up to the same level as the patio and will be planted with lush green climbers, shrubs and perennials.  

To bring vertical interest and to screen the fence, evergreen trees in planters will be introduced.