Garden Design Process

Each client design is unique.  

There are many factors to consider and a thorough site survey* is carried out before any design can begin.

To help understand the design process, we have provided a brief overview so you know what to expect.

* An external surveyor may be required dependent on the size and complexity of the site.



Initial Consultation

During the first client meeting, we will be keen to learn what type of design will be right for you.  Before the meeting, we encourage you to collect images which inspire you - this helps to determine whether you desire a cottage style garden or a cool, minimalist space.  We also ask you to consider what you use the garden for currently and the changes you wish to make within the new design.  The options are endless but we help you decide what will work for you.


Outline Design Package

After the initial client meeting, if you are excited about a Francois Leaf designed garden, a proposal will be created and will be sent to you along with Terms of Engagement. Once the proposal and Terms are agreed, work will start on an outline design of your special space.  In some cases, a survey will need to be carried out to make sure the boundaries are exact and utility points are identified.  After a few weeks, an Outline Design Package will be presented to you for review. This will normally comprise of a plan and some visuals to help bring the design to life.



Detailed Masterplan

Once the outline design has been completed and agreed, we move to the Detailed Masterplan stage which gets down into the fine detail of the design. Depending on the extent of the design, the Detailed Masterplan may also include:​

  • Detailed drawings 

  • Specification

  • Planting scheme


Implementation and Build

Exciting times - your garden is about to be transformed!  Francois Leaf will work with you to tender for landscape contractors and to ensure that the correct paperwork is in place before the work commences.




Once the hard landscaping is complete, the team will get to work on planting the trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals which have been selected as per the Masterplan.


Welcome to your garden

After quality checks have been completed, your garden will be signed off and handed over to you to enjoy.  If required, a maintenance plan can be created to ensure that you have the knowledge to keep your garden looking fabulous.