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Walled Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden - Handdrawn Visual - September 2019.jpg

Located in an award winning landscape, the client requested visuals for a proposed new water feature in the walled kitchen garden.  The introduction of the water feature will bring movement and the delicate sound of moving water.  A refreshing introduction to this productive garden.

In December 2021, work commenced on the construction of the water feature.Pond construction has been carried out by the Estate Team for the foundations and Aquajoy ( are installing the pond framework, pump equipment and liner.  

WhatsApp Image 2021-12-23 at 21.39.03.jpeg

In January 2022, work was completed and the pond was filled, introducing the gentle sound of bubbling water to the Kitchen Garden.  Work will now continue to plant up the borders surrounding the pond, filling the space with movement and scented plants.

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Walled Garden

Large Walled Garden - Yew Greenhouse - Year 10.jpg

Located in an award winning landscape, the client requested visuals for a proposed new installation in a large walled garden.  Historically, a lean-to greenhouse would have been positioned against the wall, providing a home for tender plants during the cold winter months.  The proposal is to install an alternative structure using Yew to re-create the framework of the greenhouse.  

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Painshill - Pergola - Hand Drawning 5 years V2.jpg

In addition to the installation of a water feature, it was proposed to introduce a new structure to the Kitchen Garden – a Pergola over the seating area. The structure will be constructed using Sweet Chestnut, a robust hardwood that will be sourced from stock felled from estate.
Using a traditional framework, it will provide a secluded seating area, allowing visitors to rest in dappled shade while enjoying the gentle bubble of the nearby dipping pond.  Grape vines will be trained over the beams, linking it to the vineyard located within the landscape.

Construction materials have arrived!  

Watch this space for progress on the build.


Construction complete!

The landscape team have done a fabulous job on the construction of the Pergola (the beams and supports are super heavy!).

Looking forward to returning next year to see how the vines are taking hold in their new home.