Planting Design Process

Similar to the approach to garden design, each client planting plan is unique.  With so many plants available it can be hard to decide which planting scheme will work for your garden.  Aspect, soil quality, exposure and usage all need to be considered in order to ensure you have a healthy, vibrant display - whatever the season.

Francois Leaf can help you design your planting scheme and has developed a network of specialist nurseries to provide the best plants for your garden.



Initial Consultation

During the first client meeting, we will be keen to learn what type of design will be right for you.  Before the meeting, we encourage you to think about what plants you are drawn to, what colours you prefer and when you would like to see colour in the garden.  

It is preferred to arrange a socially-distanced on-site consultation to enable Francois Leaf to view the site and perform a survey.  However, a video consultation can be arranged at the clients request.


Outline Planting Plan

Once the site survey has been completed, planting ideas will be drawn up to share with you.  

The concepts will include suggested plants, the recommended colour combinations and highlighting seasonal interest.  Other factors such as height, texture, environmental impact will be taken into consideration to ensure your garden not only provides for you but for the local natural habitat. 



Detailed Planting Plan

Once the plants have been selected, a planting plan will be drawn up using specialist software.  

The plan will also calculate the numbers of plants required which can be sent directly to the nursery for quotations.


Plant Sourcing

Using a well established network of nurseries, your chosen plants will be placed for order.  


Typically Francois Leaf will hand pick the plants for smaller planting designs.  For larger orders, the plants are delivered by the nursery directly to the site (charges will apply).  




Prior to the planting, the selected area will be cleared of all weeds and the soil prepared accordingly.  

The plants will be set out according to the planting plan, allowing for any tweaks to be made before the plants are settled into their new home.


Ongoing maintenance

The plants will now need some care attention to ensure they become established.  A maintenance plan will be prepared (at the Client's request) to provide step-by-step instructions on feeding, pruning and general care for each plant.  

But for now, its time to sit back and enjoy your newly planted garden.